Building trust in media

CiteIt is developing new digital tools that help combat misinformation and selective quotations. These tools show the context surrounding the quoted media in order to build trust and understanding.

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Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free.

Why Start with Wikipedia? #

Future Goal: Journalism & Academia

My goal is to bring contextual citations to Journalism and Academia, but I expect I will need to postpone this goal until after I:

My currrent strategy is to convert the English-language Wikipedia articles to contextual citations as a showcase of what would be possible in journalism and academia.

Sample Wikipedia Articles #

Click on an image below to view sample Wikipedia articles that feature contextual quotations.

John F. Kennedy PortraitJohn F. Kennedy
Ruth Bader Ginsburg PortraitRuth Bader Ginsburg
Hillary Clinton photo by Gage SkidmoreHillary Clinton
Donald Trump official portraitDonald Trump
Wikipedia: Article PopupHamlet
Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice
Manned Orbital LaboratoryManned Orbital Laboratory

How CiteIt Works #

Authors opt-in to CiteIt by:

  1. providing a URL for the quote they are citing,
    • <blockquote cite="">
      Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free.
  2. calling the CiteIt webservice, which looks up the quote and creates a JSON file with the contextual data,
  3. installing the CiteIt jQuery library on their website. (This can be done with the WordPress plugin)
    • This library looks for <blockquote> and <q> tags that have a "cite" attributes,
    • Looks up the contextual JSON file that the webservice just computed,
    • Changes the UI for blockquotes and q tags so that they expand when clicked on,
    • Injects the quote's contextual text from the webservice's JSON data into the popup window or sections surrounding the quote.

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