Building trust in media

CiteIt is developing new digital tools that help combat misinformation and selective quotations. These tools show the context surrounding the quoted media in order to build trust and understanding.


Install WordPress plugin

The CiteIt Wordpress plugin is the easiest way to start experimenting with CiteIt on your website.


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Alpha Status

The WordPress plugin is not yet part of the WordPress Plugin directory because it has not yet been widely tested.

I don't want to get a bunch of negative reviews for bugs. After you've tried it out, send me an email with feeback.

Once I get enough positive feedback, I hope to add it to the plugin directory.

Version History

July 15, 2023: (download: 0.4.11)
  • Correct sizing of YouTube video
Oct 4, 2020: (download: 0.4.8)
  • add labels to Blockquote Context
  • add style formatting
    • add background color to blockquote
    • indent context: indent,
    • add tooltip to label
  • Edit Popup
    • add “source” label & url
    • change title
Aug 17, 2020: (download: 0.4.7)
  • add permalink to blockquote and q tags to display context on non-canonical pages (the home page, etc)
July 30, 2020: (download 0.4.6)
  • add “Right and Left Quotation” to Unicode Escape characters
  • change style: q-tag link: double underline, remove border from quote arrows
July 25, 2020: (download 0.4.5)
  • update dependency: bump lodaash from 4.17.15 to 44.17.19 in /lib/link-to-text-fragment
  • format q-tag links and popup window
  • add error hardlinking to YouTube embed: url_parsed.params.start
July 6, 2020: (download 0.4.4)
  • add Logic to Expand: YouTube Vimeo, and Soundcloud
  • fix Quote-Context Arrows: remove border
Jun 27, 2020: (download 0.4.3)
  • change version to 3-part number
  • convert UTF-16 to UTF-8
June 22, 2020: (download 0.4.2)
  • change webservice submission url:
  • add forge-sha256 build
  • update jQuery version to 3.4.1
  • update forge-sha256
June 19, 2020: (download 0.4.1) (0.64)
  • update jsVideoURLParser
  • preserve html in TinyMCE editor quote selection
June 18, 2020: (download 0.4.x) (0.63)
  • format and document code
June 13, 2020: (download 0.4.x) (0.62)
  • add function isWordpressPreview() to CiteIt-quote-context:
    – detect if current URL is in preview mode
    – remove querystring if in “preview” mode
  • rename existing function names: use camel case
Jan 29, 2020: (download 0.4.x) (0.61)
  • switch toggle_quote to reference arrow anchor
    rather than parent div
  • switch toggle_quote to reference arrow anchor
    rather than parent div
  • CSS
    • add <a class=‘quote_arrows’ to support styling
    • change display to “block” to get rotate to work
    • remove link outline from arrows
    • add transform support for legacy browsers
  • make contextual popup appear on top: z-index: 9999
  • rename neotext -> citeit
Jan 25, 2020: (download 0.x.x) (0.60)
  • quote-context.php: register style, remove text/css attrib from style sheets
  • enqueue style sheet
  • fix validation errors
  • add toggleClass(“rotated180”);
Jan 18, 2020:
  • Escape Text using Unicode Codepoints
  • switch endpoint to:

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Frontend Sample Code: Basic Html & Javascript

See simple sample code that marks up citations and calls the web service.

If you want to use with a CMS or other platform, this code should give you an idea of how to adapt your code.

Get Sample Code on GitHub
Webservice Calls