Understanding Ambiguity and Context: History in the Digital Age

Watching the Agenda with Steve Paikin

History logoAs a UWaterloo History Grad, I was excited to see a discussion about History on Ontario’s Public Television station.

What Makes History Special?

One quote by UWaterloo’s Ian Mulligan stood out, in which he described the value of studying History:

we try to say come here for critical thinking come here for writing skills come here for your communication skills and that’s fine but that doesn’t really get to the core of what makes history special and the core is to me the core is an understanding of ambiguity and understanding of context the ability to take scattered isolated data points found in an archive or a library here and weave it together into a really compelling story

History in a Digital Age

The other thing that excited me was seeing that Professor Mulligan has an interest in:

  • Digital history and
  • Internet/Web history